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Your perfect part time job

Recommend nursing colleagues and earn up to 1000€!

Your Job

Become a part of the VENTIMIGUIS group and earn good money by your recommendation. 

We are looking forward to you becoming part of our VENTIMIGUIS group. Through your support we can continue to grow


Your benefits

Recommendation from your network

Recommend our vacancies to your friends and acquaintances and send them your referral code received from the VENTIMIGUIS Group. 

Using Mobile Phones
Open Space-Büro

Our evaluation of the candidate

Once we receive the application, we will contact your referral (nursing professional) and he or she will go through our application process 

Presentation of the candidate at the hospital & earn 1000 €.

Once a candidate referred by you has passed our validation process, we will immediately send you 100€. After the candidate you referred receives the Offer Letter from our customer, we will transfer the remaining €900 to you. There is no limit to the number of candidates you can be rewarded for - so frequent referrals pay off. 

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